Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Batman will be rebooted again!?! WTF!?!

That's right. Once Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Rises hits theatres in July 2012 plans are already in place to resurrect The Caped Crusader for a third time in 2013.

But Batman isn't coming back in a solo film. Nolan has already said The Dark Knight Rises is the concluding chapter in his trilogy. The next incarnation of The Dark Knight will be in a Justice League movie.

Warner Bros. tried to gather DC Comics' team of super heroes for a movie adaptation in 2007, but the project fell apart because of the writer's strike. Now they're trying again, with a release planned for 2013. The studio is following the Marvel route, with upcoming Superman and Green Lantern films setting the stage for the main event. The L.A. Times reports that standalone films for The Flash and Wonder Woman are also in the works.

This all sounds a bit sudden to me given that it's 2011. That's a lot of cinematic ground to cover in two years. Word has it Nolan will somehow be involved as a producer, but how much input he can give while finishing The Dark Knight Rises and producing the new Superman remains to be seen.

There's a good chance this will fall through, and the success or failure of Marvel's Avengers movie will likely play a part in how serious DC and Warner Bros. take the project. We will, as always, keep you posted.

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