Monday, February 21, 2011

Former Robin Hood could have role in new Superman

That's right, Kevin Costner, the Oscar winner who once thrilled audiences as Robin Hood and wooed Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard, is apparently being considered for a role in the new Superman movie.

But who? Could he be shaved bald and cast as Superman's arch rival Lex Luthor? Let's hope not. Not because Costner wouldn't be a good Luthor. I actually think the guy is a decent actor. But everyone who is tired of seeing Superman fight the same villain in every movie raise his or her hand. All of you? Good!

The only promising thing about latest take on the Man of Steel is director Zack Snyder.Otherwise it's hard to care about yet another origin story for a character everyone on planet earth is familiar with.

But back to Costner. Who do you think he should play? Established character or new creation? The film is due out in December 2012.


  1. Superman doesn't really HAVE that many villians- not like Batman does.

  2. Then they should make some up. Luthor has been done to death.