Thursday, December 16, 2010

About that Hellraiser remake . . .

Good news/bad news time on the Hellraiser remake front. Custom renders we dictate the bad news first so here it goes: it's still getting made. The good news is it will be rated R.

Back in October we reported that Dimension Films was moving ahead with a PG-13 Hellraiser remake, which is like adding insult to injury. If we're going to suffer a reboot of Clive Barker's classic, at least give us our blood. Maybe the folks over at Dimension read our blog, maybe not, but they've decided to do just that.

Director Patrick Lussier and screenwriter Todd Farmer, who partnered on the great My Blood Valentine 3D and the upcoming Drive Angry 3D, are on the project. This news also holds promise, although it means there's a good chance the Hellraiser project will be in the third dimension. Snore!

Once again, stop with the remakes! Just sto . . . Fuck  it. You don't listen anyways, Hollywood.


  1. hey guys im a fellow barker fan,and was kinda stoked cause i heard clive barker wasnt going to do it unless he had written the perfect script for it.Is he not involved anymore,if not it definetly wont be worth watching.But i agree enough with the remakes.

  2. Dude, sounds like he's not involved at all. Which kills what little interest we had as well. Thanks for the comment! Keep reading and listening!