Monday, October 18, 2010

A PG-13 Hellraiser remake? Say it ain't so!!

But, sadly, it sounds like that is the case according to boys over at Bloody Disgusting. Dimension's planned relaunch of Clive Barker's classic is aiming for a PG-13 rating when it eventually hits theatres.

The website reports that the toned-down Lament Configuration could be directed by Christian E. Christiansen (say that name 10 times fast), who helmed the upcoming teen-themed thriller The Roomate. Pascal Laugier, director of the bloody French horror film Maryrs, was previously attached.

As far as we in The Basement are concerned anything less than a hard-R Hellraiser film is pointless. Pinhead is all about the ripping of flesh and making one's suffering legendary. How Dimension expects to do that on a PG-13 film is beyond me.

We have a better idea, Dimension: why not leave Hellraiser well enough alone!?!

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