Friday, June 11, 2010

Neeson Returns For Taken 2

So says MTV at least. Taken, the kick ass tale of Liam Neeson trying to rescue his daughter in Europe, was a surprise box office hit. Fox had picked the completed movie up and dumped it in January, where it proceeded to make a boat load of money.

Which means that Taken 2 can't be far off, and Liam Neeson told MTV News that a sequel to the action hit is in the planning stages. Neeson tells the site he's meeting with writer/producer Luc Besson this month to figure out a plan for the follow up. He also mentioned it would be 'hard to get a plot that would be believable.'

I think believable is key. The film can't be a rehash of Taken. If this is to be a film series, which I think it could, the plot should revolve around Neeson's character, and not the Macguffin of him always trying to rescue somebody.

The first movie is great. If done right, so could Taken 2 be!

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