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The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan is found in The Basement

A few weeks back we showed audiences a trailer for a new found-footage movie called The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan. Being me, the article gave the filmmakers a compliment, saying they took a been-there-done-that idea and made it seem interesting.

I stand by that statement, by the way.

But Shawn and I are not only going to give The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan a watch, we've gone and interviewed its stars, Anna Stromberg and Burt Grinstead, and will present the review and interview for you later this month!

What's cool is Burt directed the movie, and he and Anna wrote it, so this interview provides a lot of insight into what goes into making a flick like this. How'd they keep The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan fresh? Is it hard to make everything play real? Is the movie scripted or improv? It's all discussed in this fun and fascinating interview.

When do you get to hear it? You gotta wait until after Christmas, as the review and interview drops Friday, Dec. 27, when From The Basement takes to the Radio NL 610 AM airwaves at 6:05 p.m. PST. The podcast will hit the next morning.

This'll be worth the wait though. Promise.

Stick with us!


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