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Insomniac Theatre: Queen of the Amazons (1947)

Late night movie viewing is the time when you usually come across obscure little films.  Some of them keep you awake with interest... while others seem to help cure your insomnia...

Seeking to find her missing fiance, Jean assembles a small expedition to the jungles of Africa.  Fear, sabotage, and death follow the group amidst hushed rumours of "white she-devils" that rule the dark jungles.  Is her fiance alive... or has the "White Goddess" gotten him...?

I fell asleep half way through this movie.

Yep. It cured my insomnia within about 30 minutes, since it has a one hour run time.

It is a very typical movie for that time period. Lots of white actors, lots of over the top acting, strong women suddenly becoming damsels in the presence of men, and so forth.

Oh, and the "explanation" for why the "amazons" were white women?  They were the survivors of a shipwreck.


Now that I've kinda watched this- you don't have to.  I'm putting "Queen of the Amazons" squarely in "The Ugly".


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