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Micro Review: The Hurricane Heist

Think Die Hard meets Twister -- only not as good as either -- and you've pretty much nailed The Hurricane Heist.

That's right, it's another high-concept action movie from the guy who directed the original The Fast and the Furious and xXx. Make of that what you will.

To be honest, I forgot this movie existed until I stumbled across it in my VOD lineup this past weekend. So I watched the trailer on YouTube and decided to give it a go. Seemed like a decent way to kill an evening with a couple of beers in hand.

And I was right!

No, The Hurricane Heist won't win any awards, nor will it stick in your brain for after the credit role. But it's a harmless diversion from life's woes, and features a couple of nifty action sequences -- all set during a hurricane of course.

The only cast member that stands out for me is Maggie Grace, and that's because she's super hot. I'm not sure if I bought her as an armoured track driver, but I didn't care either. She's easy on the eyes and, after the Taken franchise, can handle herself action wise.

Like I said, this is forgettable entertainment, but it is entertaining on the first watch. I won't see it again, which means it's a Bad, but it's still decent.


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