Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Halloween star joins Joe Dante's Camp Cold Brook

Paranormal reality shows still seem to be all the rage these days, despite the genre peaking with Paranormal State almost a decade ago, and that show's demise now years behind us.

However, it's still an interesting premise for a horror film. I mean, TV crew explores alleged creepy incident, alleged creepy incident turns out to be real, cue the screaming.

Attach a well-regarded genre veteran like Joe Dante as a producer for said concept, and you've got our interest. Cast Scream Queen Danielle Harris, and our asses are so in seats!

Harris, who starred in Halloween 4 and 5, plus Rob Zombie's two reboot flicks, joins Chad Michael Murray and Courtney Gains (who we interviewed here in The Basement) for Camp Cool Brook. Directed by Andy Palmer and written by Alex Carl, the film follows a reality TV crew who get more than they bargained for when they decided to film their next episode at a summer camp where some seriously bad stuff went down.

We in The Basement hope some Friday the 13th style mayhem ensues, and pledge to keep you posted on this project as it heads to cinemas.

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