Thursday, July 13, 2017

We record tonight . . .

Headlines don't get much more on the nose than that! But it's the truth -- Jason and Shawn are back in The Basement this eve to record another episode.

What's it all about, Charlie Brown?

Jason and Shawn have seen Wonder Woman. Jason saw it first, Shawn just this past weekend. Sure, the rest of the planet has seen it and reviewed it. Why should the Basement Boys chime in? Because, they have differing views on why it's good. This will spark a whole conversation about comic-book movies which are, like Hansel, so hot right now.

Yes, we know what they're going to talk about ahead of time. Wanna fight about it?

But, knowing Jason and Shawn, there's no telling what else they'll talk about, or how they will say it, so it's guaranteed things will get interesting quickly.

The latest from The Basement will land right here, and on the rest of the Interwebs, by Sunday morning. We hope you'll join the fun.

Stick with us!

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