Thursday, July 20, 2017

Matt Sconce returns . . .

Jason and Shawn are back in the Basement studio tonight, and they're bringing one of their favourite interviewees with them!

In the spring of 2016, Jason, Shawn and Amy sat down with writer/director Matt Sconce to talk about his then recently completed feature film Altar, a found-footage horror flick.

The ensuring conversation was a great bit of insight into making found-footage movies, and also turned into a lively conversation about a favourite topic of Jason, Shawn and Matt's -- martial arts!

Well, Jason and Shawn have seen Altar, and are ready to thrown down a review. Matt has willingly agreed to be on hand for the experience, and to defend his movie if need be.

What chaos will ensue? Will this review degenerate into a whole lot of kung-fu fighting? Or will Matt like what the Basement Boys have to say? So many questions. So many . . .

You, Constant Listener, can find out the answers when the next podcast lands on Sunday.

Stick with us!

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