Thursday, July 27, 2017

It trailer provides summertime chills

It's 34 C outside right now, which in U.S. terms is something like 80 F. It's F-ing hot out! But despite the dry heat, the new trailer for It managed to provide me with more than a few chills.

For one, hearing some creepy kid say "you'll float too" over and over and over and over and over again is, well, creepy. Plus, I'm very familiar with Stephen King's source material, having recently re-read It in anticipation of this adaptation hitting screens. And the book, folks, is . . . creepy.

I take it you're getting a sense of the tone here?

People are bemoaning Andy Muschietti's flick as a remake. It's not. This It is another adaptation of one of King's finest books. And it's only focusing on the childhood part of the story, which makes things even . . . creepier. At least for me. Playing on childhood fears is an effective tool for writers and filmmakers, and I think this ADAPTATION will pull it off.

Watch, and decide for yourselves.

You can catch It in theatres Sept. 8.

PS: we're not recording tonight. Actually, we'll spend the next bit revamping our show into something that we hope is different and unique, bringing new talent in to help re-imagine The Basement into  something even more awesome than it is.

But Shawn, Amy and I will be back in The Basement Studio next week with an all-new episode for your earholes, while we put this re-invention into action.

Stick with us!

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