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Luc Besson heads to TV with Artificial Intelligence

That is correct, Basementites -- action-movie guru Luc Besson makes the jump to television with a project he created about a fugitive robot. And, like David Fincher and Sam Raimi before him, he's likely directing the pilot.

The series, Artificial Intelligence, has been picked up by TNT, and is about a robot gone rogue and the people who are recruited to stop it.

Or, as the official synopsis says: "an artificial intelligence entity escapes its laboratory confinement and begins a methodical quest to carry out mysterious plans. The creator of the AI assembles a team of specialists to discern its objective, while simultaneously working to counter rapid maneuvers and warn the world of imminent dangers."

OK, that last bit is a bit big wordy and not really clear, but I get the gist.

TV, especially outside of the big cable networks, has become an amazing storytelling medium, so I don't blame Besson for making such a move. And although his recent work hasn't been quite on par with classics like The Professional or even The Fifth Element, the man still has chops.  I'll definitely check this series out once it gets rolling.

Source: io9


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