Thursday, March 17, 2016

Blood Rush, comic-book movies and the Slender Man

Jason, Shawn and Amy are back on The X for another hour of music and banter related to all things entertainment!

And what an hour it is, as the Terrible Trio tackle a movie review and a pair of subjects one wouldn't normally lump together -- Internet memes and comic-book movies.

First up, the Basement Crew discusses comic-book characters they'd like to see on the silver screen. Naturally, the conversation touches on the upcoming season of Daredevil, Superman, Marvel's Jessica Jones and the latest appearance of everyone's friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. If you like comics, this is the segment for you!

Then, Jason, Shawn and Amy tackle the upcoming Osiris Entertainment release Blood Rush, AKA Flipped. Stella Maeve and Michael Madsen star in this thriller about an internationally known model who finds herself trapped in a car in the middle of nowhere. Is Michael Madsen's voice on the phone there to save her, or does he have something more sinister in mind? And what do our hosts think of it all?

Finally, the online phenomenon of the Slender Man is put on the chopping block. The Basement Dwellers touch on the bizarre, Slender-Man influenced stabbing that's become the focus of a new documentary, Beware the Slenderman, and the impact the Internet has on people. Sound too smart for a Basement discussion? Stick with us!

And stick around for music by Kamloops band Octobers, the internationally influenced Trackers and Slayer. The madness begins at 11 p.m. PST on 92.5 FM CFBX Kamloops and online at!

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