Monday, February 22, 2016

Michael Pare hears "whispers" in this The Shelter clip

We've been negligent with our updates on the progress of our bro John Fallon's debut feature The Shelter, and it's high time we correct that mistake.

We're going to start by sharing this clip from the flick, which stars the great Michael Pare. John recently unleashed it via The Shelter's official website, and on the movie's Facebook page. You can watch it here:

Dig it? Damn straight you did!

The Shelter is currently making the festival rounds and seeking distribution. I've seen it -- twice -- and trust me when I say to you it's a great little flick, and not what fans might expect.

John wrote and directed the movie, and the score was composed by our own Brother Shawn, who also provided the whispers in this clip. We Came from the Basement is working to bring The Shelter to Kamloops. We'll hopefully have some news on that front in the near future.

Source: The Shelter

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