Friday, February 26, 2016

Credit where credit is due: Mike S

We Came from the Basement has a bit of an unsung hero working quietly behind the scenes, lending his wit and words to this show and site. A man who has helped build The Little Podcast That Could into the success it is today.

His name is Mike S.

I've known Mike for the better part of 32 years (yup, I'm old in age, but not spirit). The man is smart and funny, although you wouldn't guess that right out the gate. The S presents himself as a quiet, serious sort.

Mike S is The Basement's Mad Twit. He earned the reputation by tweeting along to the live show for the better part of our original three-and-a-half-year run on 92.5 FM CFBX Kamloops. And its in the digital realm where the man's brains and sardonic sense of humour really shine through.

He built our original Twitter account from a handful of followers into the thousands, then I foolishly killed it when we "quit" a year and a half ago. Silly me.

Mike will, from time to time, hijack the @camethebasement account and tweet to a non-horror movie on Thursday nights. In the past, he's contributed reviews of old horror movies to this site with a From The Corner column.

When time allows, Mike S is the brainchild behind The Corner of Terror blog, where he shares his love for old horror movies with the world. Because of his rather f-ed up work schedule, The Corner has become dormant, but his spin-off success What Movie Wednesday -- where people vote for a horror film that Mike later tweets to at @TerrorCorner Wednesday nights -- continues to this day.

Shawn, Amy and I are pumped Mike S will once again take to his keyboard and the @camethebasement account and tweet along to our show when it returns to 92.5 FM CFBX Kamloops on March 3. The experience would not be the same without him.

Stick with us!

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