Saturday, February 6, 2016

Basement Classics: The Hole and Airborne

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear as Jason and Shawn take a step back in time to a classic episode of We Came from the Basement! That's right, we'll be revisiting old episodes from the previous six seasons of our show, ones fans and us Basementites feared long gone.

This week, we return to the eve of the Mayan apocalypse and our December 2012 episode featuring reviews of The Hole and Airborne. Or, as we said way back then:

"Just in time for the Mayan apocalypse comes the mid-season finale of Film Reviews from the Basement, the official radio show/podcast of We Came from the Basement. And how do we bring 2012 -- and potentially the world --  to an end? With the return of not one, but two, icons from Jason and Shawn's youth!

First up is The Hole, directed by legendary 80s filmmaker Joe Dante. The same Joe Dante who made Gremlins, The Howling and the original Piranha. This time, Dante tackles a Nickelodeon nightmare about two brothers who discover a mysterious hole in their basement. Said hole then unleashes their inner nightmares . . . and Haley Bennett. Is The Hole any good? Stick with us!

And stick around for the return of Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, in the British thriller Airborne. Hamill plays an air traffic controller trying to save passengers on a transatlantic flight as they disappear one by one, much like his career.

Then it's time to unleash the fury that is Jon Cross of the After Movie Diner and Moe Porn of Drunk on VHS as the two podcasting titans launch a new segment discussing trends in movie. Tonight's trend: remakes. That'll be all."

And you can hear it right here:

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