Friday, January 1, 2016

Uwe Boll returns with Anger

Anger of the Dead that is. And the schlockmeister isn't lending his directorial chops to this, the latest foray in a seemingly never-ending slew of zombie everything.

Remember when vampires were all the rage? Me too. Now it's zombies. Even my kid is into zombies, which isn't a bad thing for a four year old to be into I guess. But I'm digressing.

Boll produces this flick, with Francesco Picone writing and directing the tale of a small band of survivors on the run from . . . you guessed it . . . ZOMBIES! There's also a subplot about a mysterious woman on the run from a dude who might make the zombies look like Mickey Mouse. That's my own interpretation, by the way.

We've got a trailer for your eye holes. Enjoy:

Anger of the Dead stars Aaron Stielstra, Desiree Giorggetti and Michael Segal. It hits limited theatres and On Demand Jan. 8.

Source: Uncork'd Entertainment

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