Monday, January 18, 2016

So, a Star Wars/Avengers crossover?

Stan Lee, the mastermind behind Marvel Comics and the Marvel brand, seems to think an epic crossover between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars galaxy created by George Lucas could happen.

Suffice to say, Stan Lee has quite the imagination!

Talking with The Big Issue, Lee let drop that Disney, which owns both Marvel and Lucasfilm, would/could consider bridging the two franchises if they deemed it would be a big enough success.

"I created the Avengers by taking many of our characters and making a team out of them," Lee said. "We can have as many characters join the Avengers as we want for future movies. That might be fun, all of a sudden Luke Skywalker is an Avenger!"

I'm going to take all of this as Lee riffing off the top of his head during a bigger interview. At least, I hope so. And I hope no one at Disney listened too hard or took any of what he said too seriously. I love Marvel, I love Star Wars, but I don't ever want to see the two franchises merge. At all. Period.

What say you, Basementites?

Source: The Big Issue