Friday, December 18, 2015

My Two Bits: Extraction

There was an era when action movies were simple, straight-ahead entertainment. I call this era the 80s and Cannon Films was the mecca for such fine, filmed entertainment. Modern cinema could take a cue from this time period, and learn well from it.

It's rare when a movie comes along like those I grew up watching. But every now and then a flick surfaces that reminds me of those simpler times. Lean on story and mean on action, the perfect Friday night beer drinking fare.

Extraction is just such a flick.

Sure, Steven C. Miller's action movie is far from perfect. But, and this is a heavy but, it still fits the bill for lean, mean straight-forward entertainment. It's as close to a Cannon film as I've seen on a long time. With a simple, direct plot filled with simple, direct action. And, in this case, simple and direct are not four-letter words.

Sure, Extraction could have used more Bruce Willis doing what Bruce Willis does best. Instead, we get Kellan Lutz, but he's actually not bad here. The man can handle his action scenes. And, while he's no John McClane, he's OK as our action hero.

Gina Carano does a bit better in the bad-ass department, although she doesn't get to cut loose as much as I'd of liked. But she still kicks ass and looks great doing it. She and Lutz have a decent chemistry too.

As for The Bruce, he's in this more than I thought, but still isn't the star. I'd of liked to see more of him, but it's still Bruce Willis. And I have a feeling we're a ways off from a new Die Hard movie.

If it sounds like I'm being hard on Extraction, I'm not. I dug what I saw. It's got good action and Miller handles the material well. It's stylish without losing the substance of what it is, which is an old-school action movie told in a simple, direct manner. And it's fine just the way it is.

Stick with us!

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