Saturday, December 12, 2015

Labour of love Shockwave Darkside hits VOD in January

Having dabbled in the film industry alongside my bro John Fallon these last three years, I've come to realize just how big a hurdle it is to get a project off the ground and onto a screen somewhere. The effort can take years, and even then there is no guarantee of success.

So we in The Basement applaud writer/director Jay Weisman for getting his sci-fi flick Shockwave Darkside into the hands of distributor Uncork'd Entertainment for a Jan. 5 VOD release. It took the man 10 years to complete his special-effects laden adventure, so Good, Bad or Ugly, our hats are off to you sir.

Weisman was inspired by 1950s science fiction storytelling when he came up with his futuristic war story about five soldiers who are shot down behind enemy lines on the dark side of the moon. With depleting air and supplies, they must set off on a dangerous mission through hostile territory in order to survive.

Sounds promising. How does it look? Check out the preview:

I'll reserve judgement until I give Shockwave Darkside a watch, but it looks like every effort Weisman made to get this thing finished is on the screen. Good on yah, man! It's great to see an indie filmmaker shoot for the moon, if you'll pardon the pun.

Source: Uncork'd Entertainment

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