Wednesday, December 16, 2015

John Wick 2 has Morpheus

Looks like the much anticipated -- at least by anyone with a brain -- sequel to the 2014 action smash John Wick will be a bit of a reunion for Keanu Reeves and his Matrix co-star Laurence Fishburne.

That's right, Neo and Morpheus will share some screen time again . . .  only not as Neo and Morpheus, obviously, making my analogy pretty stupid when I stop to think about it.

Fuck my life.

Anyway, some pics from the set of John Wick 2 turned up online today, and they indeed show Reeves and Fishburne together again. How Fishburne figures into the plot of John Wick 2 -- or what that plot even is -- remains a mystery. But it's cool to see these two iconic actors working together once more.

John Wick was pure awesome. Hopefully John Wick 2 will be equally so when it hits theatres some time next year.

Source: Gothamist

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