Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jay tweets to Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

It's been a good couple of years since anyone in The Basement tweeted along to anything. Used to be we'd do so on a weekly basis, teasing what we'd review on our radio show/podcast. Even our mad twit Mike S would tweet along to flicks using the @camethebasement account.

Then the tweeting ended, for reasons we can't remember. But, given a recent self pledge to kick things up a notch here on the site, I figured I'd pick a flick at random -- in this case Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse -- and see if I still had it in me. The experiment occurred last night and involved many beers.

The end results are the tweets below. I stand by what I tweeted, and will hang by what I said too. Enjoy:

Any flick that opens with a janitor singing air band and licking his nipple can't be all bad #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

"D.O.D. Dod? What kind of name is Dod?" #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

One thing The Simpsons taught me is sticking your hand in a vending machine leads to all kinds of trouble #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

"Jesus Christ you hood fucked Bambi!' #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

Old people wielding hedge clippers are a force to be reckoned with. #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

Holy crap! @DumontSarah earned her badge as hottest bad ass chick ever and all she did was bootleg beer! #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

Because of course you're going to sneak into a strip bar during a zombie apocalypse. #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

Actually, re previous tweet, I would do that if still under age. #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

And yes, the zombie bouncer would have chased after me too. #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

"I just wanted to see some titties!" Amen kid. #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

Nudity. Gore. Profanity. Seriously hot bad ass chick in @DumontSarah. Not a bad Saturday night flick. #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

"Did I just drop acid or are they signing Brittney Spears with a zombie?" #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

Dig how this flick wears its 80s horror/comedy conventions on its sleeve. Well played. #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

Zombies bouncing on a trampoline while two people make out. Seen it all. #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

Just saw a zombie wearing a Yolo shirt and a dude hold onto a zombie's dick. Really seen it all! #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

Never let the hot chick ride off alone. Just sayin'. A matter of manly principle. #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

Zombie . . . cats!?! Really really seen it all! #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

Final fight. Weed whacker. 'Nuff said. #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse

Thus ends our tweet along to #ScoutsGuideToTheZombieApocalypse. Thanks for tuning in. Stick with us!

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