Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Cinema Knife Fight Interview

Shawn here!

Recently, I got to sit down and answer some questions, for the good folks over at Cinema Knife Fight, about my part in John Fallon's movie:  The Shelter!  Imagine that!  Interviewer, turned interviewee!  I was beside myself.  Thanks to our amigo, John Fallon, for that hook up.

So, I partook in their interview process with their writer, Barry Dejasu. Rad, rad.  Their interview, to be published soon!!

In true Basement fashion, I turned the tables as I was interested in Barry's take, on the whole cinematic music industry and set up an interview with him.  In The basement.  You can hear our take on that and so much more, below!

Thanks to Barry for being so rad to have the tables turned a little and Cinema Knife Fight !    
for having me!!

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