Friday, July 31, 2015

The Basement is back . . . for realz

"You never say never, but I don't think I'd want to do a long running series. " -- Guy Pearce

Amen, Mr. Pearce. Although it looks like We Can from the Basement will be a long running series after all. Yeah, we did six seasons of quality podcasts and then called it quits last Halloween, only to return briefly earlier this year with a new podcast and the promise of more to come.

And they never did . . . until now! Well, soon.

Shawn and I stepped away from The Basement because life became too busy to continue what we'd started. But we've figured out a way to keep the tradition alive, so next week we record the first in a series of new podcasts. In fact, We Came from the Basement will now be podcast focused, just like we were when we started. To quote Marvin Martian, "isn't that nice?"

Gone, though, are the movie reviews. Why? We'll explain that on the first episode. But don't worry, Shawn and I are still talking shit about movies. Each episode will now be an irreverent discussion about a film-related topic. Interviews? If one crosses our lap, sure. If not. Oh well.

Don't like to hear Shawn and I "only" talk about movies? Fuck you, we're doing it anyway.

How often will you get a new Basement podcast? We're going to try for one a week to every two weeks. We might miss a week or two here and there, but we'll aim to be as, ahem, regular as possible.

As for this blog? We won't be posting as much. A brief write up on the day an episode launches, and if an interesting bit of information comes our way. That's about it. It seems like I watch a movie every Sunday night, so I might throw up a column afterward. There are plenty of quality movie-news sites out there, so we'll let them stick to that. We're going our own way.

Shawn and I are pumped to be back doing what we love, and hope you'll enjoy what promises to be a bad ass new era in Basement history.

Stick with us!

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