Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ten questions with Infernal director Bryan Coyne

The demonic kid template is dusted off again for this week’s Infernal – screening at the Arena Cinema in L.A, and On Demand – but it’s doused in a truly original, effective style. We quizzed Bryan Coyne, the said film’s helmer, on everything that goes bump in the night.

  1. First horror movie you ever saw

    Frankenstien (1931)
  1. Last horror movie you saw
            It Follows

  1. What’s your favorite horror movie
Frankenstien (1931) – I know, I’m boring.

  1. What’s your least favorite horror movie?
That’s a hard one. There’s a lot I hate. Specifically these days. I’m pretty much that guy that shakes his fists at clouds.

  1. Who is the best horror filmmaker of all time?
I adore Wes Craven. I’m a huge Wes fan. As unpopular as this answer may be, I doubt anyone has inspired me more than Wes. I think he is a pure master craftsman who’s output is generous and intelligent.

  1. Who is the best horror filmmaker right now? Who do you like?
Wes! I think the Soska sisters are incredible. I’m constantly in awe of their minds, American Mary in my opinion is one of the most effective flicks in years. Adam Robitel is a KILLER! Taking Of Debra Logan knocked me out of my shoes and he’s a friend. So that’s a huge achievement.

  1. What director influenced the direction of Infernal?
You know, it was a mass of different influences. I kind of approached it wondering what Ken Russell would do with a found footage. Well, the actual answer I think is “HE WOULDN’T MAKE A FOUND FOOTAGE MOVIE!” That said. I really did put on my WWKR hate (What Would Ken Russell do – I’m seriously considering make that into a bracelet)

  1. What movie influenced the tone of Infernal?
Again, it was more a mass of different influences against a singular one. Wes Craven’s looks at the “NUKED family” vs. the “Nuclear Family” in his flicks gave me a certain bravery to approach the film as more of a family drama wrapped with horrifying elements. As a viewer that’s how I have taken his output. And I guess that’s the beauty of film and specifically horror films. The base subjective nature of the whole thing…

  1. What horror movie would you like to remake?
This feels like a controversial question haha : I have a couple that I would love to have a crack at. I’m not an anti-remake guy. There was a flick that came out I believe in 2000 called Anatomi that I would love to have a shot at. Mind you, Pathology felt like a loose remake of that material. But I think that there’s more geography to by mined there. Otherwise, Madman? Haha how bout’ a new Madman Mars running around? I’d be down for that. Also Nightwatch… the picture with Ewan McGregor. I wish I had a classier answer for you. But I think those stories could be updated today in a great way.

  1. What horror movie would you like to sequelize?
IT FOLLOWS! It Follows 2: This time it’s personal. It Follows 2: Electic Boogaloo(herpes)

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