Sunday, August 10, 2014

Jason versus/endures The Apparition

After a night out at the pub with bros I like nothing better than to come home, crack a wind-down beer, and catch a scary movie. There are times when I find an old gem to watch, discover a new diamond in the rough, or pass out to an unspectacular piece of drivel.

Then there are movies like The Apparition.

A couple is haunted by a supernatural presence that is unleashed during a college experiment.

The Apparition isn't a gem and it isn't drivel. But it's not a good movie either. It's actually pretty terrible. The idea is a sound one and haunted house stories are among my personal favourite horror movies. There is potential here, but that potential is shit on by shoddy execution and casting.

Like most studio horror flicks, the scares are watered down by a PG-13 rating and CGI ghost effects. This movie lacks bite because it's trying to cater to everyone and any tension that's built -- and there's not a lot -- is drained away by an obvious visual effect. Once again, horror fans must go the indie route or rely on old-school filmmakers like James Wan to deliver the goods.

As for casting, Ashley Greene and Sebastian Stan are the most unconvincing screen couple in recent memory. Their performances are bland and zero chemistry is generated between them. We don't care what happens to them because, well, we don't care. Greene is quite beautiful, but this is a PG-13 flick, so do the math.

I wouldn't even recommend The Apparition to horror fans in need of a time killer. You'd be better served watching an old favourite for the 100th time. This has Ugly written all over it.

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