Tuesday, July 29, 2014

About that Mad Max: Fury Road trailer

Yeah, I know. We're supposed to be on hiatus until September. Then that Mad Max: Fury Road Comic-Con trailer exploded all over the Internet and I felt compelled to chime in with my worthless two bits on it.

I was chillaxin' at a lake when the trailer hit, and pretty much burned through my month's data plan watching it over and over, trying to take in what I was seeing on my iPhone. Even on that small a venue, George Miller's triumphant return to the Wasteland was a thing of beauty.

Got back to the world today, and checked it out on the comp. Yup. Still beautiful to behold.

Unless we're being lied to by the talented marketing people at Warner Bros, the is Miller's vision brought into the modern cinematic world. Everything looks big and gritty and bad ass without shaming the brilliant work Miller did decades ago. This is Mad Max for our time, at least I hope it is. This mofo better be rated R!

As for the casting, no one will ever replace Mel Gibson. Seeing as the only person willing to touch Gibson with a ten-foot pole these days is Sylvester Stallone -- and God bless him for it -- we get Tom Hardy. Hardy is a fine actor who has proven himself in action roles before, and will do a good job I am sure.

Charlize Theron? She's too hot to not be dismissed in anything because of her looks. But she's also acted her socks off in flicks like Monster. Sure. Let's cast her in a Mad Max movie.

We have to wait until May 15, 2015 to see this. That's a long fucking time for anticipation to build. I'm putting my money on Mad Max: Fury Road being one of the biggest hits of next year. What say you, Basementites?

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