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Jason versus Sabotage

There was a time when Arnold Schwarzenegger was king. His movies raked in serious box office. He was idolized by fans. The man could do not wrong. Then he became governor, got old, and has largely been dismissed by modern audiences upon his return to the big screen.

That's because modern audiences are morons.

About that Mad Max: Fury Road trailer

Yeah, I know. We're supposed to be on hiatus until September. Then that Mad Max: Fury RoadComic-Con trailer exploded all over the Internet and I felt compelled to chime in with my worthless two bits on it.

I was chillaxin' at a lake when the trailer hit, and pretty much burned through my month's data plan watching it over and over, trying to take in what I was seeing on my iPhone. Even on that small a venue, George Miller's triumphant return to the Wasteland was a thing of beauty.