Monday, June 16, 2014

Jessica Cameron's Truth or Dare scores a gruesome Red Band trailer

Twenty seven awards and counting. That's how much acclaim scream queen Jessica Cameron's directorial debut Truth or Dare has earned thus far. Twenty seven. Wow.

We've been pimping the flick for a while now, and Jessica talked about her movie on our show earlier this season. Yet Truth or Dare isn't anywhere near done making the festival rounds and the marketing push continues.

The latest promotion comes in the form of this bloody new Red Band trailer, which doesn't hold back on the red stuff. We have it on good authority from the lady herself that this movie is a gory, no-holds-barred affair.


Truth or Dare is about six college kids who find Internet stardom when they make Truth or Dare videos with a violent twist. It's all fun and games until their No. 1 fan decides to play.

Jessica stars alongside Ryan Kiser, Heather Dorff and Devanny Pinn. Truth or Dare is available for pre-order via the flick's official website.


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