Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hold your breath -- it's the Submerged trailer

Steven C. Miller has generated a lot of buzz in horror circles, with his Silent Night, Under the Bed and Aggression Scale earning the director a sizeable following. You might also remember Steven was a guest on our show last year.

With his latest flick, Submerged, Steven looks like he's ready to tackle the action genre. Given the strength of the preview below, I think he's up for the challenge.

Submerged is about a group of friends who must fight for their lives when they are targeted by a group of vengeful kidnappers and their limo is forced off a road and into a canal. It's not called Submerged for nothin' you know.

Here's the trailer:

The flick was penned by Mother's Day scribe Scott Milam and stars Tim Daley, Mario Van Peebles (you read that right), Jonathan Bennett and Rosa Salazar. It's scheduled for release some time this fall.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
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