Wednesday, June 18, 2014

From The Corner: The Fog (1980)

It's time again for another horror review "From the Corner"- and this installment sees us stepping into John Carpenter's "The Fog" (1980)...

Antonio Bay is celebrating it's 100th birthday... with some unexpected- and deadly, party crashers...
I'm going to start off by saying I love "Halloween"- but I do love "The Fog" more.  It's just a great little ghost story.  Carpenter edits his character development scenes together with the growing horror scenes with great pacing and skill that draws into what's happening on the screen.  You're interested in- and you actually LIKE the characters.  You don't want them to die.  You even come to understand and sympathize with the things in the fog as well.  The actors do a splendid job bringing these characters to life.

I also thought the camera work, and the fog effects were good.  The scene where the babysitter gets pulled into the fog was just great.  The lighting, etc just made that scene etheral and fascinating.  There is some grue in this movie- but, like in "Halloween", it's not excessive and overly in your face- which I liked.

If you haven't seen this classic- do so.  NOW!  I own it, recommend it, and have no problems re-watching it.  "The Fog" sits nicely in The Good.

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