Sunday, April 13, 2014

Suzanne Cappelletti versus Oculus

Thursday night after much deliberation and a few beers to numb my better judgement, I got tickets for Oculus.

I was a little surprised at how empty the theatre was. Maybe 40 bodies in the seats max. I was taken in by the minimal ad campaign with the stories of the mirror and the tragedies involved. Lately, trailers seem to give away every key detail and take the jump scares away, so needless to say, I was intrigued.

I really wanted to like this movie out of the box. We have a haunted mirror that harbours an evil force that changes one's perceptions. Tragedy ensues, the survivors reclaim the mirror to destroy the evil force.

Do not go in expecting to be blown away. It's a slow burner of a movie. The story set up takes time. They were almost there! My biggest problem was some of the time jumps made no sense. You are almost to a key point and BOOM . . . time jump. They never really resolved anything. I have no doubt there will be a sequel or four.

I will watch it again. I hope on a second or third watch it will become clear.

I have to give this a rating of Bad. I will watch it again, but there was something lacking.

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