Monday, April 7, 2014

Peter Mayhew will play Chewbacca in new Star Wars

Insert Wookie cry of joy here as word hits The Basement that Peter Mayhew will once again suit up as Chewbacca in J.J. Abrams new Star Wars movie.

Granted, no official casting has been announced, but The Hollywood Reporter ran a story today saying Mayhew is on board for Episode VII.

We reported just last week that the film, which lands on Christmas 2015, is set to go before cameras next month, so we should expect the cast to be confirmed soon.

If Mayhew's return is indeed true, then it's good news to me. For one, Mayhew IS Chewbacca. I can't image anyone else putting that suit on. And it means Abrams isn't going to CGI the shit out of everything, unlike a certain Star Wars creator who shall remain nameless *cough Lucas cough*.

Stick with us for more Star Wars news as it develops.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
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