Thursday, April 17, 2014

Grave Encounters directors tackle aliens with Extraterrestrial

Shawn and I are big fans of Grave Encounters,  The Vicious Brothers' riff on paranormal "reality" TV. It's sequel not so much, but the boys do have talent and know how to stage a scare. So what are they up to next?

Turns out they have a new flick that'll premiere in just a few days at the Tribeca Film Festival, and they're trading ghosts for space invaders.

Called Extraterrestrial, the movie is about a group's getaway into the woods as it dissolves into terror when alien invaders arrive. I guess, if the getaway went according to plan, everything would go right and no aliens would show up. Then we wouldn't have a movie, would we?

No word on if Extraterrestrial goes the found-footage route or not. I hope it doesn't, for Jebus sake. The flick stars Brittany Allen, Freddie Strome, and Jess Moss.

What say you, Basementite? You willing to take in what The Vicious Brothers do next?

Source: Entertainment Weekly
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