Thursday, March 20, 2014

Shawn versus Thor: The Dark World

Shawn here, you know, the superhero movie fanboy?...not.  Ok, well maybe a little. Am I bias?  When it comes to my opinion, absolutely.

Watched Thor: The Dark World last night.  I didn't mind the first one as it was a great intro movie.

Obviously, The Avengers carried more of this story, with Loki as the bad guy.  The Avengers movie was very well balanced. So that had me looking forward to seeing Thor 2.

Once I was immersed in the Asgardian ways, once again, I found it a little bland. I'm pretty sure why.  The story was alright, the dark elves were cool, the effects were top notch, but I think I was longing for a little more...

Norse religion. Viking stuff.  I think of fucking battle hammers and axes. That is what was missing. Not the hammers and axes, but the gore that goes with it.  Can't have a "space viking" movie without a little gore. I know the target audience (sheeple) would likely have passed this up if there were more blood, but that is what made it bland for me. I almost fell asleep. I don't think I'll be giving this one another go.

Bad for me.
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