Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New DVD artwork and stills for Apocalypse Kiss

We pimped some details just yesterday about Christian Grillo's sci/fi serial killer flick Apocalypse Kiss, and now we've got some groovy stills and DVD artwork to share.

Grillo's movie, which hits the home market April 8, has been called Blade Runner meets Sin City. During our interview with him, which you will hear March 21, he referenced Richard Stanley's Hardware, which is another gooder. We have high hopes for this one.

The official synopsis says Adrian is a serial killer with OCD who fights for his place in the media when two nomadic lesbians get the credit for his murders. Meanwhile, the world as they know it is about to come to an end.

Check out the groovy poster below:

And the stills:

Apocalypse Kiss stars genre legends Tom Atkins, Michael Berrymore and D.C. Douglas. What say you? Interested in checking this one out?

Source: Midnight Releasing
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