Saturday, February 1, 2014

Shawn vs The Revenant

Well, with all the zombie and vampire movies being all the rage, The Revenant is a quietly hidden gem that makes the Top 10 end of my favorite out of both genres. 

So, right off the bat, this is a Good. I'll tell you why.

It's a comedy. But its a dark journey and it isn't corny funny. It's "holy fuck" uncomfortable funny.

The story is a sort of mash up of both genres, but neither. A sort of "original," in a sea of over-cliched films, of the sort. But I won't go too deep, as that would take away the fun.

I definitely had fun with this flick. I sighed before watching it, though. I thought: "joy, another zombie flick," even though I like the gore porn associated with most zombie flicks. But I sighed none the less, kinda like I do when I have to watch a found-footage flick.

This was a pleasant and unique surprise. I urge Basementites to give this bitch a watch. Currently on Canadian Netflix, too.. Which was super convenient for me. Haha.

Again, a Good from me.
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