Friday, February 14, 2014

Independence Day 2 possible release date!

Shawn here. Basement fans should know by now that I'm a huge fan of Independence Day. 

So when I read the news of a 2015 "release date", I was elated. I read it here!

Do I care that Will Smith is in it, then not in it, then in it, then not? No I do not.

Two things about this news:

1)  I love that they have had it set it up for a sequel that isn't just a "cash grab", but sad that they waited so long.

2) I am actually glad they waited, because of the story line talk of a second wave "ground invasion".

This is now easier, cheaper and all the rage in destruction these days.  If done right, it could be THE 2015 blockbuster! Roland Emmerich is a wonderful Earth killer. So, could it really be? I, for one, hope so. If this is fake, Fuck you Internet. I'll get my revenge one day. I also don't care about Smith being in it or not.

What say you Basementites?

Source: NME
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  1. Game Time From Greg Here; I think it would be awesome if, the sequel was that they were originally terra forming earth for them, before we existed. When they came back, we were now their military is coming to wipe off the infestation of humans.

  2. That would be an awesome idea Game Time! - J

  3. DK Metz, this sort of reminds me of the cool sci-fi novels by Harry Turtledove called World War. Aliens invade Earth in 1942at the height of WW2, the Axis and Allies have to join forces. The aliens had sent a probe 1000 years before so they expected to be fighting people on horses.