Thursday, February 20, 2014

House of Good and Evil screenwriter crafts a Hillbilly Horror Show

Half the fun of The Basement is meeting cool and creative people and seeing their projects come to life. We've met several, John Fallon and Brooke Lewis to name just two, and enjoy cheering them on.

House of Good and Evil screenwriter Blu de Golyer is no exception, and we're happy to announce his latest project, Hillbilly Horror Show, is about to enter the spotlight.

Each one-hour episode showcases a collection of quality horror shorts by up-and-coming filmmakers hosted by a trio of fun-loving and beer-guzzling Hillbillies, Bo (Bo Keister), Cephus (Scott Geiter, AKA Gruesome Hertzogg) and their sexy kissing cousin, Lulu (Rachel Faulkner).

Sounds like a lot of fun, and it's always good to see a venue for independent filmmakers. The episodes go live online March 1, and we'll be checking them out.

Want to learn more about Hillbilly Horror Show? Then keep pace with Bo, Cephus and Lulu on Facebook or via the show's official site.

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