Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Stars of Fiction will pleasure your ear holes

It's no secret Basement co-host/co-founder/co-reviewer/co-everything Shawn is the frontman for a bad ass metal band called The Stars of Fiction. And regular listeners know the band's debut album was ready to drop at any time . . . not unlike that first child.

Well, bitches, the album is uploaded and ready to pleasure your ear holes!

Called Before It All Ends, this seven track EP features the following tracks, and I assure you there's not a dud in the mix:

1) Watersong
2) Time Is All
3) Stomper
4) Zombie
5) Master Inside
6) Driver
7) Haunting

Now get your asses over to Bandcamp and give this bad boy a listen. It can be yours to own for $7 CDN.

The Stars of Fiction are: Trevor "Trock" Lorence (bass), Shawn (vocals), Jeff Marchant (guitar) and Mike Erickson (drums). Keep tabs on the band via their Facebook page.

Source: The Stars of Fiction
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