Friday, December 6, 2013

The Basement's own Shawn and Billy Trigger

It's no secret yours truly got himself shot to death on the set of Billy Trigger little more than a year ago. What Basementites might not be aware of is our own Shawn has contributed music to the Montreal-based action film.

That's right, this musically talented mofo wrote and performs the flick's end credits song Pull the Trigger, a bad ass piece of hard rock/heavy metal perfect for a movie like this.

You heard his work as lead singer for The Stars of Fiction earlier this week. Check out his solo tunes right here.

Also contributing music to the flick -- which our man John Fallon wrote and stars in under Christian Viel's direction -- are French actor, musician and composer Rurik Salle. His band Fugu Dal Bronx perform Dead March, Insistation, Musoo and Twist the Knife.

Franck Barraud contributes an instrumental song called No Limits.

Anderson Bradshaw, Deke Richards, Meghan Gabruch and the great Fred "The Hammer" Williamson co-star in Billy Trigger, which is currently sound mixing. We hope to bring you more cool news on this project shortly.

Source: Billy Trigger

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