Monday, November 4, 2013

November is Horror Hottie Month

Long-time listeners know Shawn and I are THAT guy when it comes to appreciating hot chicks. Happily married to a couple of hot chicks ourselves, we still know and appreciate beauty when we see it. When that beauty comes in the form of a hot chick who's into horror, well, all the better.

Which is why November is Horror Hottie Month in The Basement, and we've lined up a talented twosome for your listening pleasure.

First up is award-winning filmmaker Jenna Payne, creator of the Zompire Vixens and other quirky and campy genre fodder. Shawn spent about 20 minutes talking with Jenna, and it's a fun and funny interview Basementites will appreciate. You can hear it Nov. 15.

Meanwhile, Jason sat down with Canadian-born scream queen Jessica Cameron and talked about her feature directorial debut Truth or Dare, the state of cinema and why horror is the best genre. Jessica is straight up and knows what scares you. Her thoughts hit Nov. 29.

Toss in reviews of Standards of Living -- the first flick shot on an iPad2, Ghost Team One, Bounty Killer, and I Declare War and November is a great and sexy month in The Basement.

Have a fave horror hottie? Let us know and we'll feature her on the site.

Stick with us!
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