Monday, October 14, 2013

The Month of Horror Day 14: Prom Night

Basement contributor Matt Bellamy has taken it upon himself to watch and review at least one horror movie a day for the month of October . . . because he's awesome that way! For one brief second, we in The Basement feared the lame-ass remake would be featured. Then we remembered we're dealing with Matt Bellamy. 

No, not the remake! I hope you didn't go ahead thinking that would be the case, if so, shame! The remake did not star the "Scream Queen" Jamie Lee Curtis, nor did it star Leslie Nielsen because it's a piece of trash and relates to it in name only. I'm making it sound like the original is some sort of horror classic which I should say right off the bat that it isn't. It's not even a particular good movie within the "slasher genre" of horror but it's enjoyable for what it is, I guess, no more and no less. The late 70's and early 80's were an awesome time for horror though because these movies were a dime a dozen, new versions of the same material being cranked out every other week, basically. For those people who feel they are above horror as a legitimate genre of film then I can see that this period must have been seen as a joke, and sometimes it felt like it because sure, the quality of some of these movies were atrocious but I dig it!

The plot of 'Prom Night' is what you expect, a bunch of kids getting butchered on and around the most important date of the year when it comes to life in high school. What more can I say? Not much! High concept ideas weren't exactly common when it came to this time period of horror. Producers would say: "Can we cast a cute girl in it? Show some blood? Throw in some nudity? Done!". That is the central theme to the "slasher genre" in general, and if you're OK with that and are in on the joke then you'll have a blast! Jamie runs, Jamie screams, Jamie narrowly gets away, and Jamie saves her own skin. Next! Bring on the sequel!

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