Thursday, October 17, 2013

Slick trailer for John Fallon's American Muscle surfaces

John Fallon is one busy dude. He's prepping his feature directorial debut The Shelter, getting ready to star in Eye See Death, doing daily duties at Arrow in the Head, and the action/revenge flick he wrote and co-stars in, American Muscle, is ready to hit the American Film Market.

American Muscle follows a recently paroled convict hell bent on revenge against those whom he holds responsible for his incarceration . . . including his own brother.

Looks pretty bad ass yes? Even my wife thinks it's intriguing, and this isn't her kind of thing. We're pumped to see it, without a doubt.

American Muscle also stars Chromeskull himself, Nick Principe, Todd Farmer and Robin Sydney. Here's the poster by way of Entertainment Weekly.

Source: Arrow in the Head
stars genre vets Nick Principe, Robin Sydney, Todd Farmer, Trent Haaga and Malice McMunn. - See more at:
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