Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jason Statham might tackle spy comedy Susan Cooper

That's right folks, The Stath might be showing his lighter side in the upcoming Susan Cooper, which is written and directed by The Heat's Paul Feig and set to star Melissa McCarthy. Word has it negotiations are underway.

Now before fans freak out, this isn't supposed to be parody, but a comedy with action elements along the lines of The Heat. 

Feig is quoted as saying, "What I don't want people to think is like, oh, it's just one of these parodies where it's kind of like, you know, she's pretending to be James Bond or something. It has to be like a real character who goes on this kind of real situation, but then it's how she interacts with the world and with the people around her, that's where the comedy comes from."

I'm down for that. And I will support Jason Statham in any endeavour that prevents him from falling into the direct-to-DVD rut Fat Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme found themselves in. The man has talent, and seems keen to expand his career.

More on Susan Cooper as the project develops.

Source: Movies With Butter 
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