Monday, September 30, 2013

Jason versus Chuckie Steel's The Revenge of Dr. Death

A second album review you say? Damn straight! And it's another British entry, this time from The Shadow of Death writer/director Chuckie Steel.

Not surprisingly, Steel's 13-track foray into house/trance/techno/rap is horror themed, and includes audio from what I assume are a slew of fright flicks. I say assume because I recognized some of the samplings but not all. No matter, they add a layer of fun to a style of music I'm not usually a huge fan of.

Fortunately, Steel's got some talent, spinning tracks that blend one into the other with mad skill. He lulled me into submission, and not in a bad way. It didn't take long before I was bobbing my head to the beat and grooving along to the music.

Steel is backed up by a variety of singers/musicians including Cat, Deeflux, DJ Iron Fingaz, Mary Elliot, and, on multiple tracks, Definitial. Their talents elevate the album overall, which isn't to say Steel's solo work suffers. Not at all. But I did enjoy what the others had to offer.

Best tracks? I dug The Beat Must Die Part 2, Nod Your Head and The Truth. I doubt, however, that fans of Steel's brand of music will find a dud in the mix.

Gonna give The Revenge of Dr. Death a Good. I will spin it again for sure. Basementites stay tuned, the disc drops on Halloween. We'll let you know where you can find it. 
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  1. I have managed to get an early copy of this (thanks Gav) and it is brilliant stuff - i'm also not a real fan of the genre but the samples mixed with some very, very good featured artists and Chuckie Steel's unique ability to blend the dark and the funky, make this a future classic for fans of good music or good horror.