Friday, September 13, 2013

Jason and Shawn versus Crawlspace

Jason: There are moments when I contemplate taking The Basement into the mainstream. You know, reviewing all the Hollywood blockbusters that come our way in order to achieve more success and bigger ratings blah blah blah. Then flicks like Crawlspace come along and remind me why we do what we do. This is an under-the-radar sci-fi/action/horror movie with blood and beasts galore. Yeah it's low budget, but it's awesome. It's got everything B-movie loving Basementites want in a flick, except boobs. Although you do get ample cleavage thanks to Amber Clayton, which counts in Basement terms. This is a satisfying watch, and one I'd do again. Take note, Basementites. A Good, for sure.

Shawn: Well now here is something from Aladdin's treasure. That "diamond in the rough". I'll start off with saying it's a Good. Wanna know why? Because, first of all, someone like us AND someone who LIKES us, works for Netflix. All the movies we like show up there and do well. Some additions are quite surprising, and very up our alley. Like this one. Where this one felt a little like the Australian version of the Umbrella corporation...the similarities the beginning...and to get what I mean, you'll have to watch it. Haha. This was action packed, suspenseful, gory and had a really interesting, mysterious, Area 51 vibe. I dare say it was possibly inspired by Resident Evil, but only for a brief moment. And there were no zombies...(human that is). I really dug this, found the acting very on par and for a limited location...was very satisfied. Did I say it was a Good?
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