Friday, September 20, 2013

Dog Soldiers director will helm Troll Hunter remake

Talk about mixed emotions! We in The Basement have a lot of love for director Neil Marshall's work. Dog Soldiers and The Descent in particular. And we also have a lot of love for the brilliant Norwegian flick Troll Hunter, which we reviewed at the start of Season Three.

Those mixed emotions come into play with news that Troll Hunter is getting an English-language remake. Given the film's international success, it was inevitable Hollywood would redo the found-footage flick. Because no one in Hollywood thinks people can read subtitles.

The world doesn't need a Troll Hunter remake. Go find the original and enjoy.

But with Marshall on board as writer and director, I'm conflicted. I think he could do something really cool. He's a talented dude. I just don't want to see this movie remade. What do you all think?

Troll Hunter begins production early next year. No word yet on if it'll be found footage or not. In the meantime, here's the trailer for the original.

Source: Deadline
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    Hey, how about you get your own goddamn ideas, instead of remaking already awesome movies that need no remake.. I'd rather see the fucking thing dubbed over, than remade.