Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The #Phenomenon campaign begins

Our buddy Jonathan Chance dropped us a line asking us to tell you about his latest effort to bring his Shriekfest nominated screenplay Something Like a Phenomenon to the big screen.

As with many indie projects, Chance is going the crowdsourcing route that proved so successful for Veronica Mars and Iron Sky. What's cool about this endeavour is that contributors get some cool swag.

Called the Million-Man Merch, Chance is selling promotional mugs, T-shirts and other bad to the ass stuff from the official Something Like a Phenomenon Cafe Press storefront. You can check out what the man is selling right here! Proceeds from each sale go toward Cafe Press, the production and the talented artist who created our stunning graphic.

John's also launched an official Twitter account for his film-to-be. You can keep tabs with how the production unfolds at @BorleyPhenom and the hashtag #Phenomenon.

What's the flick about? For one year Harry Price has the key to the notoriously most haunted house in England. Borley Rectory. A notice in The Times is given to the public urging fifty candidates to be part of an experiment to find out the truth of the house.
Source: Something Like a Phenomenon